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Jesus and motorbikes

Yesterday, I ran across Lent readings: Jesus has a posse, a blog entry at Metanoid Revelutions (which I discovered on the aggregator page of Leaving Munster, an Anabaptist site). Here’s a taste (and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did):

I had always assumed the disciples were about Jesus' age. But here are James and John in their daddy's boat fixing nets. Simon was, perhaps, a bit more grown-up because he was fishing solo. But would responsible men just ditch their livelihoods to follow a mystery rabbi?

Last night I watched
Akira, and this morning I'm wondering whether the disciples were more like a motorbike gang, with Jesus being something like a hip university professor who is trying to straighten them out. So he calls Simon "Rocky", knowing his huge ego needs a cool nickname; he gives John a cuddle every so often, knowing that John's poetic soul needs a lot of authoritarian approval. This would explain why the disciples always look like such numb nuts. If they are ten years younger than Jesus, then that puts their relationship in a whole new light. . . .
You’re missing out if you don’t read it all.