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Fun link

Over at Relevant Magazine's web site, Rebecca Mayer lists 40 Life Lessons. Some of my favorites, which I may even add to my own list (which I'll start as soon as I get through the rest of my to-do list):
  • Perfection cannot be achieved even after three rounds of editing.
  • The monkey bars were not meant to be licked—especially during the winter.
  • Be satisfied with the moment you’re living in instead of longing for the satisfaction of the next.
  • Sometimes God spares me of things—without my consent. And I am grateful later.
  • You won’t lose your salvation if you get a tattoo.
  • You will always look back at yourself three years ago and think you were a dork.
  • Correcting people who aren’t willing to be corrected is pointless.
  • Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.
  • Unless you’re craving chocolate …
  • For some people, “maturity” is always a destination yet to be reached.