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Da Vinci Code - again

My, it's a busy time for Da Vinci Code material. Here’s one I missed from yesterday:

Dan Brown, Da Vinci, and the Bible was added to the Da Vinci Dialogue. Author Charles C. Ryrie gives a brief but to-the-point defense of the reliability of the Bible. “Faith in the Bible as our authority is not a blind leap,” writes Ryrie. “It can be substantiated.” How? Ryrie focuses on three ways: the fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible (likening the odds to getting heads on 30 coin tosses in a row), historical accuracy of the Bible (through archeology) and the Bible’s impact and message. A worthy quote:
“The heart of the uniqueness of the Bible lies in its message. It speaks the truth about people, their needs, and the way those needs can be met. It does not flatter, mislead or deceive. It exposes the human condition realistically and offers hope authoritatively. It is the only book that does this truthfully.”
If that's not enough for your Da Vinci fix, there is, of course, the Dan Brown plagiarism trial: see Reuters or the NY Times. (As luck would have it, both articles are listed under arts & entertainment categories, ack.)

(Image: BiblePictureGallery)