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Soul architecture

I want a room in my house like a Japanese washitsu. Warm wood. Asian simplicity. Straight lines. Natural light. Rice papered windows open to the trees, breezes and birdsongs. A bamboo plant or a vase with simple flowers. No phones. No computers or laptops. No iPods or radios. No television.

That probably says more about the state of my soul than anything else. Too much clamor. Too many agendas.

I need less noise. Fewer agendas. I need more rest. In God. And more listening. To God.

(Image: leaves of a bamboo plant; mine)


I have heard that if one dreams of a house, one is actually dreaming of the state of one's life, soul, or mind--its current state, or what one wishes it to be.

There is a house that has appeared many times in my dreams: small, very quiet and nearly empty, simple in design, and painted white inside; or, if not white, some very pale color that mimics white. Yet, when the sun shines in, the light isn't harsh but warm.

In reality, my house is colorful, cluttered, and full of distraction. A room like you described is very tempting--for daydreaming, for praying, for separating oneself from all the stuff.
A theme I keep hearing over and over this week...less "stuff" and more God, a need for a "retreat" of sorts, a place to rest and rejuvenate. I so want to snap out of my icky mood before the glorious appearance of Easter!
Carmen Andres said…
keanan, i, too, dream about houses often - my favorite is an old house with rooms that i know i've yet to explore even as i explore new ones. and another favorite is one in which there is a gorgeous room lined with mirrors and huge windows like the music room in "sound of music" (one of my favorite movies of all time). my mom often says something similiar to you, that dreaming about houses or new rooms reflect our step into growth or exploring something new about ourselves or our relationships with God.

beth, while i think soul noise is common to many, you and i share something in common: two little vikings, heh. in my case, i must be careful not to load too many competing things into my life (including film and television and internet -- things i really REALLY enjoy) lest i start to consider my children soul noise, which is so wrong and far from the truth. when i started to feel the need for a room like the one above, i realized i've loaded too much in and must cut back. ultimately, however, all that stuff crowds out God's voice - and i love (my kids and others) so much better when i'm resting in him. in the end, my longing is more for a soul like that room than the room itself.