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A couple of tidbits

AICN reports that the writers’ strike may actually push Caprica (a prequel series to this blog’s fav Battlestar Galactica) into production. Heh, good things coming out of the bad and all that.

Also, ComingSoon reports that the critically-divided but popular playwright/screenwriter/director Tyler Perry* (a belated discovery by this blog whose House of Payne just joined my DVR’s record list) has another film in the works (The Family that Preys Together) in which it seems Jennifer Hudson (and Perry) will star.

Also, heads-up, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek has a trailer attached to his Cloverfield, which opens tomorrow today (and is currently running at a 77% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes). As for that elusive teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which was originally rumored to possibly attach to Cloverfield as well), my source says current rumors are still placing it with next month’s Spiderwick Chronicles. Which seems like as strange choice to me as the films seem geared towards different audiences. But then who I am to question the studio execs who make these decisions.

Now, back to dealing with the fallout of yesterday’s snow—which includes somehow entertaining my two kids because schools here are opening two hours late. I think we’ll walk to school today. I fancy hearing the snow crunch under my boots, heh.

*Update: For an interesting tangent on Perry's work, see the comments section on Peter Chattaway's post about Perry's recent attachment to Abram's Star Trek. Heh, this post almost feels like a wacky version of the Six-degrees of Kevin Bacon game: Perry who's got a part in Star Trek which is running a trailer with Cloverfield which was originally rumored to run a trailer for Indiania Jones--but then, Caprica doesn't fit, does it. Oh well.

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