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I finally listened to Sinead O'Connor's Theology today and here's my take: I get it that she personally may be a work in progress (but then, which of us isn't), but I found her latest work, well, quite wonderful and moving.

Above is a clip of her performing the first track ("Something Beautiful"), which is one of the more lyrical and moving of the collection. "Watcher of Men" (which I couldn't find on video) is a more confrontive piece (while at the same time strangely refreshing), which I believe pulls from Job--encapsulating his "Why didn't I die at birth" (3) to his "now I've seen you first hand" (42). Personally, I would love to hear that piece played during a church's worship service. "Out of the Depths" expresses much of how many followers of Jesus have come to see the difference between loving and following God and being frustrated with religion. She also put to song words taken from Song of Solomon and another from Isaiah.

If you just can't buy O'Connor's being pursued by and/or pursuing God, then perhaps you can approach the album as a manifestation of Jesus' words regarding "even the rocks will cry out." Whatever you're approach, I enjoyed it. A lot. (And if it's any indication of the power of her music, I popped the CD in on the way to store and my two kids were mesmorized during the few tracks. Silence from a nine-year-old and a four-year-old is rare.)