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Life on Vogsphere: Or Why I've Not Been Blogging

In Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, there is a planet called Vogsphere. Among its inhabitants are shovel-like creatures that will leap out of the dirt beneath your feet and whack you on the head every time you try to think or have an original thought. It’s actually one of the funnier parts of the film version (above).

Funny, that is, until you actually try to live there. Heh.

Not that I am actually living on Vogsphere, but spending the summer with two elementary school age children is starting to feel that way. Yesterday, I sat down to write and in 15 minutes I had two interruptions; after the third interruption, I simply had to quit. Last night, I tried to start a novel and had four interruptions in 20 minutes. Now, most of the interruptions are not for bad reasons. They are asking permission to do something, needing to know where something is, showing me their latest drawing or Lego creation or simply wanting a hug. But they are interruptions, and trying to write or read with them is, well, a little like walking through the deserts of Vogsphere and trying to think.

I’m taking some steps to try to carve out time to have some complete thoughts—and even write some of them down. But just thought I would let the two or three readers I have left know where I’ve been. And if you decide to check in on me again, bring a big helmet. And try not to think any original thoughts. Heh.


Jon Compton said…
We all live on Vogsphere!
I sympathize. Boy, do I ever.
Dr. Syn said…
When you have children, there is no time for complete extends into college years trust me... ;o)
Ken Brown said…
In the few minutes I spent trying to read and comment on this post, my 2 and 4 year olds have both been literally grabbing my fingers and trying to pull me away from the computer so I will come and play a game with them. Oh, and my daughter showed me how her old sunglasses still fit.

"Cug go daddy, cug go daddy, cug go daddy..." I assume that means "let's go daddy" but after the 100th time it starts to run together.
Carmen Andres said…
it's good to know i am not alone on Vogsphere, heh.

peter, great to hear from you--and sorry to hear you sympathize so much, lol!

ken, you'd think it'd get better the older they get. in some ways it does, but (as Dr Syn indicates, heh) they still remain Vogsphere urchins :)
Oh my dear friend, I too live on this planet! Hence the reason I am reading your blog at midnight, my urchins are all sleeping, ahhhh... Complete thoughts! But wait... The other urchin creeps up on me far too quickly.... Zzzzzzzzz ;)