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More on covenant community

I'm very behind on this, but MWR posted several more of the columns in a 13 week series I'm writing that correspond with scripture used in an international Sunday school lesson plan for NCCC member denominations. The series focuses on the story of our redemption and its connection to God's covenant community, the first four columns drawing from the Old Testament while the rest work through Mark and Peter's letters in the New Testament.

Of the latest posted, "Blazing Life" and "Chosen to Proclaim" are the first of three columns focusing on Peter's first letter and explore what the new covenant community looks like and how it works. The last column drawing from 1 Peter, "A Suffering People," looks at how God's people face suffering. "Faith-full People" is the first of two that draws from Peter's second letter, this one exploring Peter's exhortation to build our lives and communities on our new life in and relationship with God. I just turned in the final column, which should post early next week sometime.

As I've said before, I had a good time with this series. I learned much about what it means to be God's people and who he's called and enabled us to be as well as the yearnings and failings of my own heart when it comes to the church. Hopefully, the time I've spent will not only provide material for more reflection and writing but also reveal itself as fruit in my relationship with God and his people, near and far.


Anonymous said…
love that last line of last column posted so far: "We are called and enabled to be God's covenant community through which as Dallas Willard puts it, 'God is tangibly manifest to everyone who wants to find him.'"