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10 Random Things I Am Thankful For

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving and in no particular order, I am thankful:

1. ... for girlfriends. Life is meant to be lived with sisters. And I’m lucky enough to have some that love me for who I am—and in spite of who I am.

2. ... for my husband of 20 years. He’s an amazing man, friend and father who attentively and patiently listens to me work out my crazy thoughts and ideas. I still don’t understand why he chose me, but he did. I love him.

3. ... for my two children, who have taught me how deep love really runs in us. They never cease to surprise me. Or vex me, heh.

4. ... to be a stay at home mom. If you’d told me seven years ago that giving up a career to stay at home with kids would be a best life, I’d have been skeptical. I was skeptical. But it has turned out to be a life of toes wiggling in the earth and the sun on my face. Yeah, there are definitely those foggy, sludge-full days, but overall, I’m amazed at how much I love it.

5. ... that Jesus is who he says and can do what he says.

6. ... for family, with all its glory, mess and unbreakable bonds.

7. ... for good stories in all their forms—books, television, film, stage, etc.—and how shared stories help us know each other more deeply.

8. ... that God is calling his people to be who we are called and enabled to be. As frustrated and skeptical as I get about we people of God, I have thrown in with those who believe he is moving and breathing in a deep and foundational way over this earth of his. Even at my most discouraged, I trust that his Spirit will reform, transform and renew us.

9. ... for coffee. And curry. And wine.

10. ... for love. I never cease to be overwhelmed by how into a dark and broken world comes a Love we were created to bask in. I wish I could pour all that out on the world so that everyone would know him.

(Image: mine)