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Dog days of summer

That's my living room window yesterday afternoon. An hour after a big thunderstorm that dumped gallons of rain. There were still raindrops on the outside of the window as if it had just rained a minute before and the foggy condensation on the inside stayed around for several hours after that. When I walked out the door to take pictures, my camera lens fogged up. And stayed fogged up. It was humid. Very humid. This morning isn't much better. The temps were in the upper 70Fs, the dew point at 70 and the humidity at 80%. It is humid. Very humid. The minute I walk out the door (which I haven't yet) I know within seconds I'll look just like Roseanne Roseannadana. What's the point of taking a shower when you just walk into a sauna when you go outside? Sigh.

(Image: mine)