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Film Snapshot: Reasons we do what we do

Man does everything for a reason. Even if he doesn't know it.

--a pilot, Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles, a science fiction film set in 2707 in a darker age where machines are powered by steam and wars are fought WWI style between armies formed by corporation instead of nations, isn't the best of films, but it does have a few rare moments--like the one above. I resonated with the comment above because it reminds me that we don't choose or act in a vacuum or out of randomness, but that our actions have an origin or "reason." Sometimes we act out of our brokenness and darkness. Other times our acts are born out of the echoes of our original creation. And that reminds me how God invites us back into a relationship with him and how we find within us a new Spirit--and how as we walk with God, he transforms us (as Dallas Willard puts it) into "the kind of people" who act out of Christ-likeness more and more consistently. And along the way, we become more and more aware of from where our actions are born--the "reason" for which we act.

Personally, the film reminds me a bit of a weak cross between 300 and Chronicles of Riddick. And while Mutant Chronicles has a plethora of religious and faith talk (the most interesting being the idea of the power of hope in darkness and acts of faith in the midst of doubt), I tend to agree most of the critics on this film: it is rather contrived, gratuitously violent, and borders on melodramatic. I caught the edited version that ran on the SciFi Channel and was a bit amazed at the violence and gore. Heh, I'm not sure I'd have made it through a theatrical version.

(Image: Magnet Releasing)