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Our first day of summer

The official start of summer may not actually occur until this weekend, but for me and my two kids it started today. My son's been out of school for a few weeks but my daughter's last day was Friday, so today marks the first day in our summer routine. It was a good day. We started reading through the stories in the Bible (our goal to get through most of 'em by the end of the summer). We did some ABCs and 123s to keep skills up for the upcoming school year. We grocery shopped, cleaned up our rooms (me, too), and watched a set of summer thunderstorms roll through. I collected laundry (on the list to do tomorrow), put together some lunch and made chicken curry and an asian soup for dinner. I must admit, I really enjoyed it, but, well, I'm exhausted. Heh. Lots I'd like to blog about but I'm just too pooped.

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liturgy said…

OK you explained this is how I contact you...

Thanks for your cool site

Please visit "Liturgy"

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Let me know so I acknowledge that and link back

Blessings on all you do
Lauren W said…
Don't you miss Montgomery at times like these? The kids here have been out for a month. That's the one thing I don't miss about NOVA- going to school until the end of June!!
Carmen Andres said…
heh, but we don't start until after Labor Day :)

and it's not Montgomery i miss -- it's you!