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I really don't like wet heat

I grew up surrounded by the deserts of Arizona. I remember the temps reaching into the 100-and-teens more times than I can count. One summer, when I was 19 or 20, I drove a car without air conditioning across town (about 30 minutes depending on traffic) every morning and afternoon to and from my job. Dry heat is not a problem for me. Seriously. I actually miss it. But wet heat--who invented this stuff?! Oiy. I can't stand it.

(Image: mine; Weather Channel)


Ken Brown said…
I'd take any kind of heat right now; we've seen nothing but gloom and rain for weeks. I've got the chills and a terrible cold in June, what's up with that?
Carmen Andres said…
no, you wouldn't! but i am sorry to hear about your cold - yuk.
Kelli Gilbreath said…
But just think about how this humidity will bring you the beautiful fall leaves and colors in several months. The heat will be gone and you'll be enjoying a new season, something we here in the desert don't get!
Carmen Andres said…
heh, i'm not sure it's really worth it. and i REALLY miss the desert :( but i get how it can get old, too--especially where you are, ack.

today is MUCH better, thank goodness. we had a "cool" front come through, knock down the humidity and the temps. today, my windows are open and breezes are wafting through delighfully :)