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Another Indy trailer

That's the third trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Interestingly, Peter Chattaway picks up on the brief glimpse of the Nazca Lines in Peru, which lends some interesting speculation on plot direction which might have a kind of wacky connection with Chariots of Fire (see his post for more). Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks (the film opens May 22). Hee, and I'll get to find out with the rest of the movie-going population of America.


Ken Brown said…
Heh, in anticipation, I rewatched the original this weekend. It's still quite enjoyable, but wow, I'd forgotten just how ridiculous the whole ark scene was. Yay for turning a skeptical scientist into an honest believer but holy melting Nazis Batman! Cheesy sci-fi indeed! :D
Carmen Andres said…
roflol! coincidently, i watched it again this weekend, too. i couldn't get over how young Ford looked, which made me feel old. heh, but not as old as Ford :)