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Migraine haze

No blogging today. Only a migraine. Nausea. Glare. Huddled on the couch. And two beautifully handmade get-well cards from my daughter and her neighbor girlfriend. Bleah. Computer screen making me feel ill. Night all.


inthisstorm said…
Praying for you, Carmen.

I know that pain all too well myself.

Don said…
Too many friends I care for suffer from migraines. My thoughts are with you. Migraines to me present a theological struggle with the reality that their are some things that do not respond to medical treatment thus far, and in my experience, do not get prayed away or healed. Our charimatic fascination with faith and healing often leave migraine sufferers feeling abandoned, which is not true. Correct me if Im wrong in my thinking and tell me what you have thought about migraines.

Aw, honey! That's stinks. I hope by the time this reaches you that you are feeling better.
Carmen Andres said…
wow, thanks for all the encouragement and prayers! i don't get these things very often anymore, but they rather knock me down when i do.

don, in my experience, far too many folks (believers and otherwise) dismiss migraines unless someone they know well or they themselves suffer from them. to have them dismissed is both frustrating and hurtful. i myself don't understand them very well - people seem to suffer from them for different reasons. i used to get them after a period of high stress had ended (like finals being over in college or finishing a big writing or editing project). but as i learned to deal with stress better (ie, walk a little more trusting with God), they all but left me. but over the last few years they are cropping again, this time it appears they're related to hormones or weather changes. go figure. my body just must be bent that way. in my book, migraines are part of this broken world and broken bodies we must deal with. and, i must admit, they've become yet one more opportunity to trust God in; i have to just simply stop and rest, both physically and in him. i guess that's how all of life is. some of us just have things like migraines to remind us of that, heh.