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This is fun

Earlier this week, Barbara Nicolosi wrote about her thoughts on BSG's third season. Heh, I must admit that I not only enjoy reading her insights (she's definately got one of the sharper minds out there when it comes to story) but also watching someone bask in the wonder of discovering a great story. One of the true joys of life is discovering a great story--and the best echo the Story. In that vein of thought, of her latest ruminations, I was particularly delighted with this insight into Lee Adama's character--it's not something I've run across before:
I know I am belaboring an obvious bunch of connections, but I have to say it. Lee’s other name is Apollo. Apollo is the God of the Sun, the Lightbearer. In the scene in which he resigns his commission, the beloved son of Admiral Adama looks his father in the face and says, “I will not serve….” Lucifer, was the most-powerful of the Angels. His name literally means “Light bearer.” Tradition has it that Lucifer’s response to the vision of the incarnation and redemption of mankind was, from the Latin, “Non serviam” which means, um, “I will not serve.” I expect Lee to become much darker in Season 4 -- unless his character's spiral is somehow truncated by Kara's resurrection....but dramatically, I would hate that. Kara and Lee have to be enemies now, as Lee has lost his purity, just as Kara seems to have found hers.
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