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2007 Most Redeeming Films

Christianity Today asked its critics to chime in and name their Top 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2007 (hat tip FilmChatBlog).

Ack. I've only seen one film on the list. Our move from the Deep South to Virginia last year dramatically changed the way we watch films (for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we can't seem to find a babysitter, sigh). I haven't been to a movie theater since Ratatouille, #9 on CT's list. (People who know me are now falling out of their chairs in dead faints.) I watch far too many movies (just take a look at my Film Journal for this year), but most of them are DVDs or on cable (and we don't have any premium movie channels, just Encore and the like).

Well, I guess this list just provides more movies for my already exploding Netflix queue. (By the way, if you're a Netflix member, check out their free downloads because at least one of the films on CT's list is available.)