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What we did today

When we moved here, our neighbors and friends told us that given a little snow, much of the D.C. suburbs shut down. Well, true to predictions, today our little suburb did just that. Schools started late or closed, my daughter's choosing the latter. So today, we played. I got reaquainted with the art of rolling snowballs (in a mere inch of snow), building snowmen, sweeping driveways (while learning to skate in tennis shoes), and sprinkling salt. My kids doned their brand new snow clothes and sledded some backyard hills until the grass and ground were bare of snow.

It was one of those days almost entirely lived in the present. No future thoughts, no thoughts of the past. Just simple here-and-now glee and wonder and beauty. I think this is about as close as we get to what eternity feels like; only whisps of what went before or is yet to come. It's not that time stands still but that it almost doesn't exist at all. For me, this is all too rare. For my kids, it is as familiar as breathing. No wonder Jesus told his disciple friends, "These children are the kingdom's pride and joy. Mark this: Unless you accept God's kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you'll never get in" (Luke 18:17)."

(Image: our mini snow family)


Mirtika said…
Those are adorable. I wish I could have made snowmen with y'all. Sniff.

David said…
Good thought
Carmen Andres said…
thanks for stopping by mir - and i wish you could've been here too!

david, thanks - and blessings to you in your moving house and home!