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New 'Lost' trailer

Fast on the heels of the teaser that played in U.S. theaters comes this extended trailer for Lost's new season. As I've mentioend before, ABC's Lost periodically makes an appearance on this blog, though my interest has wained over the last couple of seasons (particularly after Mr. Eko's demise). However, this trailer is certainly fanning my interest again. On a sidenote, ComingSoon reminds us that there were supposed to be 16 episodes in this season but it was cut to a mere 8 due to the writer's strike and wonders if perhaps those other 8 will air next fall?


Jenn said…
Hi Carmen,
I found your blog through "Emerging Women" and have been enjoying reading through your archives. I love your thoughts and insights. I am presently in leadership at my (conservative) home church. I am trying to figure out how to make a difference where I am while trying to move people out of "program" mentality and get them to embrace a more relational way of looking at ministry. It is lonely and frustrating at times. I love that I have found some women, you included, that are focussed on making a difference for the Kingdom.
Carmen Andres said…
jenn, sorry it's taken so long to respond - i'm so glad you stopped by. and i share your loneliness and frustration - and the joy of finding another who's longing for God's people to be what we know they can be. please stop by again! blessings.