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Another OA post

I have a new post up at Off the Map's Ordinary Attempts Stories blog, this one ruminating on some insights about loving others which I gained from (of all things) a Kleenex commerical. Anyway, here's a bit of it:

The other day, I was sniveling my way (again) through this commercial when I did a mental double-take. As I watched the guy listen to and hug folks who stopped to talk on his couch, I thought: Hey, that’s like Ordinary Attempts!

A few days later, I took a deeper look behind the commercial. Turns out Kleenex ® is running a series of these called Letting it Out in America: The Social Landscape for Expressing Emotions. The series comes complete with a survey exploring “Americans’ perceptions about emoting” which reveals “Americans believe that expressing their emotions is healthy, although few do it often.” So, in order to help folks do more emoting, they’re taking a couch around to different cities, asking some questions to encourage folks to “let it out,” and putting highlights from these sessions into various commercials.

While I find the concept alone rather interesting, I was more intrigued by some particular results of the survey . . .

You can go here to get the rest and see a YouTube video of the commercial. Blessings.


Benjamin Ady said…
okay--I'll bite. What results of the survey did you find more intriguing?
Carmen Andres said…
heh, click on the link and you'll see :)