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Blog notes & God-talk

Clearly, the pagans take art much more seriously than we Christians do. And that is not something we get to be all bullish about. Barbara Nicolosi at Church of the Masses on the hype that Bella is getting in the Catholic/Christian arena

It's rather amazing how much he manages to get wrong, and it's nice to see his understanding of science and technology is as atrocious as his grasp of religious history. Elliot on Dan Brown

Now, if Christians want to ensure that this film gets all of the publicity it needs, they’ll start fashioning picket signs and organizing boycotts as fast as they can. That’ll help moviegoers see that frequent big-screen depiction of churchgoers as reactionaries is right on the money. Jeffrey Overstreet on the upcoming Angels & Demons

In my experience, God is not primarily a shouter, preferring to come to us on the sly, wooing rather than coercing, whispering rather than browbeating. Jeff Berryman on Resisting the Frenetic

I’m inviting the Southern Baptist to be ecumenical in fighting the drought. We Methodists can baptize 31,095 with no more than one gallon of water.
The Questing Parson contemplating a unique idea for fighting the Georgia drought

OK, I’m no politician; nor am I deeply implicated in the political process. But for the love of pete — enough already! Two years of political debate and millions and millions of dollars … do we need this much? Scot McKnight issuing A Political Call

Free-ranger believer. That has all the overlays of freedom and not growing being hyped up through artificial nutrition. As many write me, it certainly is not an easier way to live, but for many it is more real and more life-transforming.
Wayne Jacobsen on LifeStream


Benjamin Ady said…
if Scot McKnight doesn't like 2 years of political debate and millions and millions of dollars, how does he feel about 4 years of murdering civilians and billions and billions of dollars?

(conversation with self: "Self, Doesn't that come off as a little extreme? Can't you just tone it down a little? What's your problem?" to which I answer: "um ... no, no, and you don't really have the time" =)
Carmen Andres said…
i don't think mcknight is against or tired of debate but the stuff that masquerades as debate and is really just self-opportunism. or maybe that's just me, heh :)