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Those who have ears to hear

"Don't listen to them; just trust me."
--Jesus to Jairus, who's just been told that his daughter has died (Mark 5 Message)

but the voice of truth
tells me a different story
the voice of truth says
"do not be afraid!"
and the voice of truth says
"this is for my glory"
out of all the voices calling out to me
i will choose to listen and believe
the voice of truth
--Voice of Truth, Casting Crowns

(Image: Raising of Jairus' Daughter by Ilya Yefimovich Repin, public domain via Wikipedia)


Benjamin Ady said…
This touches on why I mostly can't be a Christian anymore. Can no longer muster the (insanely high, non evidence based) required level of trust. Oh well.
Carmen Andres said…
oh, man, how i get that. more times than not, my cry is the same as the man whose son was possessed and told jesus "i believe, help my unbelief." there was a particularly dark time in my walk with Jesus when trust took on a different flavor. i felt i was walking deaf and blind with a brail map, and i had a choice: walk on with the map or give it all up. i walked on, step by step - small steps at that. if God was who he said and could what he said, then he would be and do. and he was and did. and he is and does. which is giving the evidence - not the kind i wanted but the kind he is and, in the end i must admit, the kind i need. i'm not fully seeing and hearing - i'm more like the blind man who sees people like trees, heh. but i'm trusting as i go and he's faithful. perhaps it's not about mustering trust for everything all at once but just taking the steps here and now? it's like the manna thing - one day at a time. can't store it up, just gotta eat it comes. anyway, just thinking.
Anonymous said…
I am unable to understand how rape and torture is for Gods glory. I am also unable to understand how any of these men doing these crimes can be forgiven by asking Jesus yet I never see anything done for the victims! Also I dont see how pregnancy through rape is Gods will unless he really hates women!! Only one time have I actually heard God there and that was when I read a article of singing. Even though I have no authorization to make such a statement I have to say I doubt that God will ever punish any one of these men performing these attrocities. So unless one takes matters into there own hands it will continue.
Carmen Andres said…
i am so with you on that - in fact, i think those ideas you're frustrated with aren't true. i don't think any of the evil, horrible things we humans do to each other are God's will or for God's glory at all. in fact, i'm pretty sure that when we do them we do them for our own glory (as twisted as that can be in some cases) and to satisfy our own will rather than God's. and i'm pretty darn sure that's not what God wants for us. his will is for us to rest in him and his love and live out of him - and the actions that flow out of a life like that are love, kindness, trustworthiness (and all those other things in galations 5). when we do things our own way, seek our own glory and will, we are capable of horrible things (like the things you mentioned).

as to what the song means about God's glory, though, i think is a reference to the promise God gives us that he is working towards life and love even in the midst of evil and suffering, and those things and that action testifies to his goodness, faithfulness and love (thus, the glory).

so, why does God let it happen? why does he let people do those horrible things? that's more than i'm capable of answering - but something david said at emerging in ludlow blog (link on sidebar) helped me in this: he pointed out that we are living in a warzone. this world is not the way God designed it. it is fallen and sick and in desperate need of healing and redemption - something God tells us he is doing now and will one day complete. but we're in the middle of that story and that story (due to that war) includes suffering and pain, most of which occurs at our own hands.

i'd be more than willing to talk more with you about this - it's one of those things i'm trying to work out for myself. you can e-mail me at blog [at] pilgrimscrybe [dot] net. blessings.