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HP miscellany

On this the day of the release of the final book in the Harry Potter saga, check out Elliot's Potter Prophecies, heh. My favs? "Harry wakes up in his uncle's house and realizes with relief that it was all just an impossible dream. He then gets a job as an accountant." Or "Voldemort reveals that he is Harry's real father, then chops off Harry's hand." Heh.

On the more frustrating side, like Mir, I'm still waiting for my book. Arg.

Update: My book got here around 3:30pm. I was outside, on the front step talking on the phone when the UPS truck whipped by on it's way to swing around in the culdesac below us. The driver smiled and pointed straight as me as he drove by. Heh. My book was one of the last four he was delivering. Poor guy. He looked tired.


Cindy said…
UPS delivers to your house on Saturday?!