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Food for thought: ‘These things matter’

From Next-Wave Ezine article “Shared Stories: Connecting The Words of Others to The Word of God” by Kester Smith:

In the novel and in the film High Fidelity, Rob Fleming (Gordon in the film) states that "What really matters is what you like, not what you are like. Books, records, films – these things matter.'' Both myself and most of my coworkers and friends would agree that this is an overstatement. What you are like ultimately trumps what you like, but books, records, films – these things do matter.

They matter because they provide us with a common vernacular. They matter because they give us a shared experience. They matter because they often speak eternal truths. They matter because they help us share our story.

Too often, as Christians, we’re only interested in books, records, or films that tell our story, THE story, the greatest story ever told. But we miss how often the truths of our story show up in the strangest of places, and, when we do, we also miss the opportunity to connect other stories to our story.

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(Image: Wikipedia; Public Domain)