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Same blog but new look

Well, I've finally made the move to the new Blogger Beta. Along with the about-time category system, the new version offers a much easier layout interface. So, I'm trying a new look to see how it works. The ability to change layout is so easy that if this one doesn't work, I can easily change to another.

Here's a note or two about the newer elements. All new posts will be categorized under the first category list, and over the next month or two I'll be moving all the older posts under this list. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to list only my ten or so most recent posts instead of all the posts for the month, so bear with me!

(Image: by geishaboy500 at flickr)


David said…
Carmen, I love the new look - good choice. I notice that Simple Church UK are back up after a few months of not being around - glad about this.
kevin beck said…
Thanks for the update about how it works. I haven't made the change yet, but now I'm about ready to do so.