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A list of spiritually significant films

Arts and Faith Discussion Forum has announced their third incarnation of their Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films (2006). Hat tip to Matt Page of Bible Films Blog (a member of the forum), who lamented that he’s only seen 47 of the 100. Heh, I’ve only seen 19 of ‘em. My favorites on the list? Millions (which this blog reviewed), To Kill a Mockingbird, Babette's Feast (which is also a feast of a film), The Mission, Chariots of Fire, Schindler's List, The Passion Of The Christ and Places in the Heart. By the way, each film on the list has nifty links to both the Internet Movie Database as well as NetFlix. Like I don’t already have enough sitting in my queue. Ack.

(Image: by emdot at flickr)