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More upcoming God-talking film news

Here are some tidbits on some films this blog’s been following--including two comic book films, Shyamalan's Lady in the Water and Gibson's Apocalypto:

See the new Spider-Man 3 trailer here or here. Ack, it’s looking rather dark for our friend Spidey. Also, Cinematical offers up a possible plot synopsis by Film Ick based on the trailer and other sources (warning: beware of spoilers). Why the interest on this blog? Find out why comic-book films and God-talk often go hand-in-hand. The film is due out May 2007.

Speaking of comic-book movies, CanMag points to a Latino Review take on the first act of a script for another one, the upcoming 2008 Wolverine. Currently, it’s slated to be a prequel to the recently completed X-Men trilogy (of which you can see this blog’s take on the last installment), containing scenes of Wolverine as a kid as well as his time in Vietnam.

CanMag points to an early review of a screening of Lady in the Water, a film to which this blog is really looking forward. My favorite line from the review? “But what happens when you’re presented with a situation when you know a bedtime story is true? And you’re forced to reach inside and find that same innocent quality – the willingness to believe – you had when you were a kid.” Oh, my, my, my. Does anyone else hear the echoes of Tolkien and Lewis?

USA Today ran a story about archeologists’ take on Mel Gibson’s upcoming Apocalypto, another film this blog’s been following. Some of the discrepancies they are seeing? Well, for starters, “the classic Maya really didn't go in for mass sacrifice” (that was the Aztecs), “the modern-day Mayan Yucatec language spoken in the film is not the language of the ancient Maya, and the film's Mexican shooting locale is not the classic Maya homeland.” Gibson’s response? Heh, he gave that one to Time Magazine back in March: "After what I experienced with The Passion, I frankly don't give a flying (expletive) about much of what those critics think." Oiy.

Last (and least), apparantly a DaVinci Code spoof film is drawing Hollywood attention.

(Image: Columbia Pictures/Wikipedia)