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More God-talk film miscellany

In case you haven't already run across 'em, here are a few miscellaneous tidbits about God-talk films (including a Christian flick that gets a PG rating--I'm not kidding).

1. For another look at Nativity (the Joseph-Mary-Jesus tale) head over to Catholic News. It has a lot of the same info as the Christianity Today article, but with a few new pieces. Take a look.

2. Check out Terry Mattingly's look at an Entertainment Weekly article listing the top franchise characters coming out of current films—a list that includes Harry Potter but excludes a certain beast of a main character from the film that topped HP. Hmmm.

3. Here’s an article FoxNews ran awhile back noting the increase in couples (including some big-name pairs) getting pre-marital counseling. What’s the connection with God-talk films? Consider Robin-Williams-gone-reverend in the upcoming License to Wed (a film this blog's been followin'). I wondered how a film like that got started, heh.

4. And, saving the best for last, here’s an eye-rolling piece: Christianity Today reports that an evangelistic film has earned a PG rating. What for, you ask? Nudity? Sex? Foul language? Nope. MMPA decided its worldview/focus is too narrow, thus needing parents to guide their kids through it. Sigh.

All for now. Blessings.

(Image: Wikipedia)