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The blog and the emerging church

This past week, blurbs on the National Council of Churches’ 2006 Yearbook Sidebar popped up various places on the Web (I first ran across it at World Wide Faith Network here). The gist of the brief piece is to note the power of the blog to advance dialogue and communication between like thinkers. (Plus, let me tell you, it’s just, well, plain fun.) It also lists a variety of blog sites it says are used by emerging church folks to discuss ideas and such. I’m not sure what criteria they used for some of these, but, um, okay. I’ve collected and listed them below.* Have fun:

Mars Hill Church
City Side Church (link wasn’t working)
Church of the Apostles
Biblical Theology(link not working)
Bible Software Review Weblog
Café Apocalypsis
Christian Alliance for Progress
Christian Origins
Christianity Applied
Christianity Today Online WebBlog
Chuck Currie (God is Still Speaking)
Department of Theology at University of Blogistan
The Evangelical Outpost
Get Religion
NCC Interfaith Relations
Open Book
Religion News Blog
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis
Stumbling Toward Divinity(No longer running)
The Sword
Think Christian
Idle musings of a bookseller
The Magdalene Review
Jesus Creed
Daily Hebrew

*Note: I changed the links if they've been updated and noted where there are nonworking links