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Are megachurches birthing house churches?

Christianity Today’s Out of Ur calls attention to and does a brief analysis of TIME’s (yes, that TIME) March 6 story, “There’s no pulpit like home” which focuses on the house church movement in America. Some interesting tidbits from Ur’s analysis, "Cutting the Cord: Are Megachurches Birthing the House Church Movement?":

Interestingly, the authors suggest it may be the megachurch advocacy of small groups that has fueled the house church trend.

It seems the mega-facilities the modern church has used to attract “seekers” may no longer be a draw for spiritually hungry Americans. The grassroots activism of house churches combined with their minimal institutional overhead may prove enticing to a new generation of socially active Christians.

All of this makes me wonder--is the house church movement a reaction against the megachurch, or the logical outcome of the megachurch?
And, the conclusion:

In the end the significance of the TIME article may not be found in its content, but in the existence of the article itself. The American evangelical church’s cultural and political influence can no longer be denied, and as a result the secular media is paying attention to church trends that once only intrigued pastors and denominational leaders. This much is certain, whatever direction the church takes in the years ahead (mega or mini) we’ll have plenty of secular scrutinizers documenting our journey.
To read Out of Ur's complete post, go here. And don't skip the TIME article.